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Typical Session

Each session will be tailored specifically to achieve your desired goal.  During your first session, we will discuss basic background information and address your specific needs and requests, the issues you would like to work with during hypnosis.  Each session includes hypnosis and coaching modalities customized to your specific needs.

Our first appointment will be a 90 to120 minute intake session.  We will discuss your reason for seeking hypnosis and what you wish to get out of our time.  I will explain in detail how hypnosis works and do an in-depth analysis of your suggestibility to process information and create a plan of action that best fits you.  We will establish trust, build a rapport and build your sense of positive expectation to achieve the most from each session. The final part of the session is the actual hypnosis, where I will create a calm and relaxed state using customized inductions, guided imagery and visualization, and post-hypnotic suggestions for change and success.

Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes and will start with a short conversation to determine your progress and current goals, followed by hypnosis and coaching.  Each session will be recorded so you can save it to your phone and listen to it at night before you go to bed.  Reinforcement is key to how the mind learns new, positive habits.  


Initial session        $195.00

Subsequent Sessions  $140.00

Call today to make an appointment  800-484-0595 Serving the NYC area.

Typical Session / Fees: Text
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